Sage Green Satin Round Table Cloth 120 inch



Sage Green Satin Round Table Cloth (120 inch)

Priced competitively at $13.00!

Infuse a touch of serene elegance to your event with our 120-inch Sage Green Satin Round Table Cloth. This luxuriously smooth and shimmering tablecloth captures the delicate charm of sage green, setting a calming and sophisticated atmosphere for any occasion.


  • Elegant Finish: The satin’s reflective sheen paired with the gentle sage green offers a refined and upscale look.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Made with top-quality satin, ensuring a durable yet silky-smooth touch.
  • Versatile Size: The 120-inch diameter makes it suitable for a wide range of round tables, draping gracefully to the floor.
  • Timeless Color: Sage green is both contemporary and timeless, perfect for weddings, anniversaries, banquets, and more.

With KM Party Rentals & Decor, every detail matters. Our Sage Green Satin Round Table Cloth stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and elegance. Choose this exquisite piece for your next event and witness the enchanting ambiance it creates. Order today and let your setting speak volumes!


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