Floral Arrangement 015

Experience the lavishness of nature with Floral Arrangement 015, a breathtaking assembly priced at $60.00. This expansive floral spread draws inspiration from the serene beauty of meadows. Majestic plumes rise in the center, echoing the graceful dance of wheat in a gentle breeze. A harmonious blend of earth-toned roses, creamy blossoms, and verdant foliage sprawls beneath, encapsulating the essence of rustic elegance. The subtle shimmer of silver-toned branches adds a touch of festive sparkle, making it a versatile centerpiece suitable for both seasonal celebrations and year-round décor. With its expansive layout, it’s perfect for banquet tables, grand event setups, or any space that seeks a touch of opulence. Choose KM Part Rentals & Decor for arrangements that meld nature’s raw beauty with sophisticated design. Book yours today or consult with us for bespoke floral compositions.


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