Parents-to-be are the most excited to have their little bundle of joy held around their arms – is it a boy or a girl? Nothing can be compared to this feeling significantly. Baby showers at least help relieve stress and anxiety. Most couples nowadays are engaging in leveling up their celebration by throwing a unique baby shower – popping a balloon, slicing a cake, hitting a golf ball, and the list goes on. 

So, here are some quick approaches on what to prepare for a baby shower:

1. Plot the Date
To avoid spontaneous labor and birth, you have to consider the due date of delivery to plan ahead of the party, like at least five to seven weeks. What’s more ahead is an advantage to know discounts on decorations, party rentals, and venues that will help know if there are lower prices.

2. Choose a Theme
Blue and pink are the most common colours to identify the baby’s gender. But if you have a preference in mind aside from these colours to represent gender, much better. Having a theme will boost your creativity on how to plan your baby shower, from party equipment to decors.

3. Venue
Your home is the perfect place for this celebration; intimate and bliss. If you have limited space at home, you can book an appointment at any venue according to your liking – by the beach or a function hall. Remember, you need not have an extravagant party because you still have a baby on the way.

Invite the closest to your heart regarding this sweet moment of your life. Put some info highlights, like date, venue, time, and theme.

5. Book a Party Rental
If you’re occupied in doing these, we’ve got you covered! Our experts will lessen the hassle for you and make this moment special. Call us today at 416 317 4495 or contact us at You can count on us, and you have nothing to worry about while we work for you.