Velvet Tablecloth 120′ Round – Blush




Step into a world of subtle luxury with our Velvet Tablecloth in a gentle blush hue. Curated with care by KM Party Rentals & Decor, this tablecloth is a harmonious blend of softness and sophistication, destined to transform any gathering into a poetic celebration.

Experience understated elegance for only $15.00!


  1. Velvety Elegance: Crafted with a premium velvet fabric, its soft texture elevates every touch and sight, promising a regal dining ambiance.
  2. Subtle Blush Tones: The delicate blush color introduces a touch of warmth and romance, making your table setting a canvas of serenity and charm.
  3. Generous Dimensions: Measuring at 120′ round, this tablecloth ensures an elegant drape on large banquet tables, presenting a seamless look.
  4. Durability Meets Beauty: Constructed with top-tier materials, it’s designed to withstand repeated use without compromising on its pristine appearance.

Usage Ideas:

  • Romantic Settings: Ideal for engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings, and anniversaries.
  • Elegant Gatherings: From high teas to brunches, add a touch of femininity and grace.
  • Special Occasions: Celebrate birthdays, baby showers, and milestones enveloped in the tender embrace of blush velvet.

Diameter: 120′ Round


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