Turquoise Polyester Napkins



Add a splash of vibrant color to your table with our Turquoise Polyester Napkins. Crafted for style and durability, these napkins are the perfect blend of form and function to enhance any setting.

Price: $0.75 per napkin


  1. Vivid Turquoise Hue: The striking shade of turquoise adds a refreshing touch to your decor, making your tablescape pop with color.
  2. Quality Craftsmanship: Made from top-tier polyester, these napkins are soft to the touch, resistant to wrinkles, and designed to withstand the rigors of repeated use.
  3. Multipurpose: Suitable for an array of events, from casual lunches to grand dinners, birthdays, and more.
  4. Eco-friendly Solution: Step away from disposable options and lean into a more sustainable choice with our durable and reusable polyester napkins.
  5. Optimal Size: Perfectly proportioned for dining, these napkins also allow for inventive folding techniques for decorative displays.

Why Choose KM Party Rental and Decor? When it comes to event essentials, KM Party Rental and Decor delivers quality, style, and affordability. Every product, including our Turquoise Polyester Napkins, is meticulously selected to ensure your event shines bright.


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