Satin Table Cloth Round 120inch


Available colors: white, blush, champagne gold, silver, gold, black, tiffany blue, royal blue


Satin Table Cloth Round (120 inch)

Available for just $13.00!

Introducing our luxurious 120-inch Round Satin Tablecloth, a masterpiece that effortlessly marries opulence with function. With its silky-smooth finish and radiant sheen, this tablecloth becomes an instant focal point, ensuring that your event remains memorable.


  • Elegant Satin Finish: The rich luster of satin brings forth an instant touch of sophistication and class to any venue.
  • Premium Quality: Tailored from top-notch satin material, it promises not only beauty but also durability.
  • Perfectly Sized: At 120 inches in diameter, it’s versatile enough to fit a variety of round table sizes, draping elegantly to the floor.
  • Diverse Color Range: We’ve curated a palette that ranges from classic to contemporary, ensuring that your event’s theme is complemented perfectly.

Available Colors: White, Blush, Champagne Gold, Silver, Gold, Black, Tiffany Blue, Royal Blue.

KM Party Rentals & Decor believes in providing only the best for its customers. Our Satin Table Cloth is proof of our commitment to excellence and style. Secure yours today and make your event truly shine!


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