Gold Dior Plinth Set of 3


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Introducing the Gold Dior Plinth Set of 3, a sophisticated and luxurious addition to your home or event space for just $180.00. This stunning trio of plinths features a refined gold finish, adding a touch of opulence to any setting. Each set includes three different sizes, offering versatility and allowing for a captivating tiered arrangement or individual elegance. Ideal for showcasing floral arrangements, sculptures, or decor pieces, the Gold Dior Plinths exude an air of grace and refinement. Elevate your interior design or event decor with this exquisite collection that blends classic style with modern charm.

Gold Dior Plinth Set of 3 – A Trio of Opulent Elegance

Elevate the grandeur of your event with the Gold Dior Plinth Set from KM Party Rentals & Decor. This exquisite set, featuring three plinths with ornate gold bases, offers a luxurious platform for your most precious displays.


  • Exquisite Gold Detailing: Each plinth is adorned with a striking gold pattern that exudes luxury and elegance.
  • Varied Heights for Visual Interest: The set includes plinths of different heights, allowing for a captivating multi-level display.
  • Sturdy and Glamorous: Robust construction meets glamorous design, ensuring your displays are safe and splendid.
  • Multipurpose Display Solutions: Ideal for showcasing floral arrangements, art pieces, or event signage with a touch of sophistication.


  • Carefully designed to accommodate a range of display items while making a bold style statement.

Price: $180.00 for the set. Please note that the display items shown are not included.

The Gold Dior Plinth Set is perfect for creating an eye-catching focal point at weddings, galas, or any upscale event. Email your order to KM Party Rentals & Decor and add a touch of golden luxury to your venue.


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