Candle Holder Glass Long Shade- Set of 3




Bring a touch of modern sophistication to your event with our Candle Holder Glass Long Shade – Set of 3 from KM Party Rentals and Decor. Priced at a friendly $15.00, this set promises to create a warm and inviting ambiance for any occasion. Each piece is meticulously crafted from high-quality glass, presenting a sleek design that complements any decor style, from contemporary chic to timeless elegance. Perfect for creating a layered lighting effect for weddings, anniversaries, corporate functions, or casual gatherings, this versatile set offers countless styling opportunities. Turn your venue into a captivating space with our Candle Holder Glass Long Shade – the ideal blend of modern design and timeless charm.

Candle Holder Glass Long Shade Set of 3 – A Trio of Elegance

Infuse your event with a touch of sophistication with KM Party Rentals & Decor’s Candle Holder Glass Long Shade Set. This trio of glass candle holders is designed to cast a warm, inviting glow, perfect for creating a serene and elegant atmosphere at any table.


  • Sleek Design: Three elongated glass shades present a modern, streamlined look.
  • Varied Heights: The set includes three different sizes for a visually interesting display.
  • Protective Glass: Long shades shield the candle flames, enhancing safety and allowing for worry-free use indoors.
  • Versatile Decor: Suitable for taper candles, these holders can be arranged together for a cohesive look or used separately to spread light across your space.


  • Each holder is crafted to accommodate standard taper candles, adding height and drama to your centerpiece.

Price: $15.00 for the set. Candles are not included, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect color and scent for your occasion.

Ideal for intimate dinners, weddings, or sophisticated corporate events, the Candle Holder Glass Long Shade Set will be sure to add a refined and contemporary elegance to your decor. Email KM Party Rentals & Decor to place your order and elevate your event with this stunning set.



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