White Satin Napkins



Elevate your table settings with our luxurious White Satin Napkins. Perfectly designed to combine elegance and functionality, these napkins will impress your guests and make any occasion feel more special.

Price: $0.75 per napkin


  1. Luxurious Feel: Made from premium quality satin, our napkins offer a silky and smooth touch, ensuring your guests experience the utmost comfort.
  2. Versatile Elegance: Their pristine white color complements a vast array of tablescapes, making them ideal for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, or any elegant affair.
  3. Durable and Long-lasting: Expertly sewn edges prevent fraying, ensuring the napkins retain their beauty even after multiple uses and washes.
  4. Eco-friendly Option: Instead of using disposable napkins, choose our reusable satin napkins to minimize waste and show your commitment to sustainability.
  5. Generously Sized: Suitable for all types of dining, these napkins offer ample coverage and can be creatively folded for decorative purposes.

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