Wedding Luxe Cake Table


  • Diameter: 35 inches (3 feet)
  • Height: 29 inches (2.5 feet)


Wedding Luxe Cake Table

Price: $125.00

Showcase your wedding cake in the most luxurious manner with our Wedding Luxe Cake Table. Expertly designed to bring elegance to the forefront of your event, this table is an exquisite centerpiece that ensures your cake becomes a stunning focal point.


  • Elegant Design: The table boasts a modern yet timeless look, combining a reflective surface with a beautifully crafted base to exude opulence.
  • Ideal Dimensions: With a diameter of 35 inches (3 feet) and a height of 29 inches (2.5 feet), this table is perfectly sized to hold most wedding cakes while allowing for decorative elements around it.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made with high-quality materials, this cake table promises stability, ensuring your cake remains safe and in the spotlight.
  • Versatile Use: While perfect for wedding cakes, this table can also be used for other celebratory occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or engagement parties.
  • Renting Made Easy: Conveniently rent this table for your event and return it afterward. Plus, with our “Email us your order” feature, placing an order is just a click away!

Let your wedding cake shine and be the talk of the event with our Wedding Luxe Cake Table. Elevate your venue’s aesthetics and create unforgettable memories. Secure your rental today!

  • Diameter: 35 inches (3 feet)
  • Height: 29 inches (2.5 feet)


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