Pink Round Polyester Table Cloth 120inch


Available colors: white, black, red, royal blue, navy blue, grey, turquoise/teal, purple, fuschia pink, ivory, baby pink, baby blue


Pink Round Polyester Table Cloth – 120 Inch

Price: $12.00

Step into a world of grace and charm with our Pink Round Polyester Table Cloth, spanning a full 120 inches. This table cloth is a true reflection of beauty, blending effortlessly with your chosen theme, ensuring that your event stands out in elegance and poise.

Key Features:

  • Premier Quality: Expertly constructed from first-rate polyester material, assuring durability and an exquisite drape.
  • Ample Size: A diameter of 120 inches ensures that this table cloth adorns your round tables with grace and sophistication.
  • Soft Pink Elegance: The gentle shade of pink brings warmth, serenity, and a touch of romance to any occasion, be it weddings, brunches, baby showers, or birthday celebrations.
  • Low Maintenance: Being machine washable and wrinkle-resistant, our table cloth ensures that after-party cleanup is a breeze.

Palette of Colors: While the delicate hue of pink is timeless, we provide this luxurious table cloth in an assortment of striking shades to suit every taste:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Grey
  • Turquoise/Teal
  • Purple
  • Fuschia Pink
  • Ivory
  • Baby Blue

Quantity: 1

Dive into a world of luxury with KM Party & Rentals and Decor. Add this Pink Round Polyester Table Cloth to your cart and ensure that your event becomes the talk of the town!


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