09-King Louis chair-White




Introducing the King Louis Chair in White, a regal and sophisticated seating solution designed to elevate your event or party décor with a touch of classic elegance. Priced at just $20.00 per chair, these majestic King Louis Chairs feature a luxurious white finish and intricate detailing, effortlessly complementing various styles and themes while adding a royal touch to any occasion. Crafted from high-quality materials with exceptional attention to detail, these chairs provide both comfort and refinement, making them an ideal choice for weddings, gala events, or other special celebrations. Enhance your event setting with the King Louis Chair in White and let your guests experience the ultimate in style and luxury.

King Louis Chair-White

Step into a world of classic elegance with the 09-King Louis Chair-White, offered by KM Party Rentals and Decor. With its graceful lines and pure white finish, this chair is a nod to the timeless French style, perfect for adding a touch of royal sophistication to your event. The King Louis chair is not just a seat; it’s a statement that speaks volumes of the refined atmosphere you wish to create.


  • Classic French Design: Inspired by the luxurious style of the French monarchy.
  • Pure Elegance: A pristine white finish that radiates sophistication.
  • Solid Construction: Durable and sturdy, yet with an air of delicacy.
  • Versatile Charm: Suitable for elegant weddings, formal dinners, or any affair that calls for a distinguished touch.


  • Crafted to provide comfortable seating without sacrificing style or space.

Price: $20.00

The 09-King Louis Chair-White is your key to unlocking a regal and enchanting event experience. For those seeking to impress, this chair is a prime choice. Email KM Party Rentals and Decor to place your order and bring the essence of nobility to your next gathering.


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