Dusty Rose/Mauve Satin Napkins



Drape your event in a soft embrace of elegance with our Dusty Rose/Mauve Satin Napkins. Exclusively presented by KM Party Rentals & Decor, these napkins encapsulate a delicate blend of vintage charm and contemporary finesse, ideal for occasions that desire a touch of understated grandeur.


  • Subtle Dusty Rose/Mauve Shade: This unique hue, reminiscent of timeless romance, adds a touch of vintage elegance and modern sophistication to any tablescape.
  • Luxurious Satin Finish: With its lustrous sheen, the satin fabric exudes opulence, making every touch a gentle caress.
  • Event-Friendly: Be it an intimate bridal shower, an elegant wedding reception, or a chic dinner party, these napkins will be the stars of your table setting.
  • Effortless Maintenance: While embodying luxury, these satin napkins don’t compromise on practicality. They are easy to care for, ensuring they grace every event with their pristine presence.
  • An Eco-Chic Choice: By investing in our reusable satin napkins, you’re making an eco-friendly statement, reducing waste and promoting sustainable event planning.


  • At just $0.75 per napkin, experience the confluence of luxury, elegance, and affordability.

Why Settle for KM Party Rentals & Decor?

Our ethos at KM Party Rentals & Decor revolves around curating products that don’t just serve a purpose but tell a story. Our Dusty Rose/Mauve Satin Napkins are not merely table accessories; they’re a poetic expression of style, luxury, and responsible choices.


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