Crystal Candle Holder 8 Arms


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Exuding elegance and opulence, our Crystal Candle Holder with 8 Arms from KM Party Rentals and Decor is an extravagant addition to any event. This exquisite piece, priced at $55.00, is crafted from high-quality crystal, ensuring a dazzling display of light and shadow when paired with candles. Its eight arms provide ample space for candle placement, creating a spectacular centerpiece that instantly transforms your table setting. Perfect for grand occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and corporate functions, this candle holder radiates a timeless charm that leaves a lasting impression. Make your event a beacon of elegance with our Crystal Candle Holder 8 Arms.

Exquisite Crystal Candle Holder with 8 Arms – Illuminate Your Occasions

KM Party Rentals and Decor introduces the stunning Crystal Candle Holder with 8 Arms, a piece that combines grandeur with grace, priced at $55.00. It’s an impeccable choice for those who seek to create a sophisticated and radiant environment for their guests.

Product Features:

  • Elegant Design: This candelabra features eight slender arms, each designed to hold a candle aloft, casting a soft, enchanting glow.
  • Crystal Clarity: Made with high-quality crystal, this candle holder boasts a sparkling clarity that enhances its intricate design and the light it reflects.
  • Stately Presence: With its significant height and impressive architecture, this centerpiece is a commanding presence on any table.
  • Versatile Elegance: While perfect for traditional settings, its sleek design allows it to fit in seamlessly with modern decor as well.
  • Stable and Secure: The sturdy base ensures that it remains a safe and immovable fixture throughout your event.


  • Offered at $55.00, this candelabra is an investment in creating memorable experiences.

Perfect For:

  • Gala events, weddings, upscale dining occasions, or as a striking addition to a grand entryway.

The Crystal Candle Holder with 8 Arms is more than just a centerpiece; it is a statement of elegance and refined taste. To order this exquisite piece or for more information, click ‘Email us your order’. Trust KM Party Rentals and Decor to bring the sparkle to your next event.


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