3D Marquee number


Numbers available from 0-9.
Acrylic top seperate cost based on size.



Presenting our striking 3D Marquee Numbers, priced at only $65.00 each, ideal for adding a personal touch to your events or celebrations. Select from a range of numbers 0-9 to showcase milestones, anniversaries, or birthdates for unforgettable moments. Please be aware that the acrylic top is available at an additional cost, determined by size. Enhance your venue with these captivating, customizable 3D Marquee Numbers and create a lasting impression for your guests!

Elevate Your Milestones with 3D Marquee Numbers

Description: Mark the milestones and celebrate in grand style with our 3D Marquee Numbers, each available for $65.00. From anniversaries and birthdays to New Year’s Eve countdowns, these numbers allow for customized expressions of any significant date or age. Numbers are available from 0-9, providing complete flexibility to commemorate any occasion.

Crafted to stand out, these large, freestanding numbers serve as an eye-catching centerpiece or a backdrop for photographs, adding an element of glamour to your event. They pair seamlessly with balloons, lights, and other decors to create a festive atmosphere that captivates and delights guests.

Key Features:

  • Numbers from 0-9 available for any combination needed to represent special dates or ages.
  • Pricing at $65.00 per number ensures an affordable solution for high-impact event décor.
  • High-quality construction for a sturdy and attractive appearance in any setting.
  • Ideal for personal celebrations, corporate events, and themed parties.
  • Optional acrylic top available for a unique finish, with separate cost based on size.

Ordering Instructions: Select the numbers you need to bring your vision to life and consider the additional acrylic top for a custom look tailored to your event’s theme. To place your order, simply email us with your requirements, and we’ll ensure your celebration is both memorable and visually striking with our 3D Marquee Numbers.


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