Floral Arrangement 020

Introducing Floral Arrangement 020, a bouquet that exudes sheer elegance, available for $40.00. Revel in the pristine beauty of this densely packed cluster of luminous white roses, each petal a testament to nature’s perfection. The roses, meticulously selected for their uniformity and brilliance, are set amidst a lush bed of rich green foliage, amplifying their radiance. Every element of this arrangement is designed to capture attention and admiration. Housed in a clear vase, it stands as a symbol of purity, love, and sophistication. Whether gracing a bridal table, enhancing corporate events, or simply as a statement piece in your living space, this bouquet promises timeless appeal. With KM Part Rentals & Decor, experience the pinnacle of floral craftsmanship. Secure your arrangement now or consult with us for a personalized touch.


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