Floral Arrangement 014

Dive into an autumn-inspired escape with Floral Arrangement 014, available for $30.00. This masterpiece captures the essence of fall with its rich, warm hues and varied textures. Burnt orange roses, reminiscent of a setting sun, are beautifully complemented by pristine white blossoms, representing the harmonious balance of nature. Delicate white sprigs add a touch of whimsy, while dried botanical elements contribute to its rustic charm. Encased in a transparent vase, this arrangement serves as a beacon of natural beauty and sophistication. Perfect for seasonal events or simply to bring a touch of fall indoors, it is a testament to nature’s splendor. Choose KM Part Rentals & Decor for creations that mirror the beauty of changing seasons. Place your order today or reach out for a personalized touch to match your desired theme.


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