Floral Arrangement 013

Introducing Floral Arrangement 013, a symphony of floral elegance priced at just $25.00. This artfully crafted centerpiece features an enchanting mix of creamy whites, soft pinks, and passionate reds. Glistening white roses stand tall amidst budding stems, while velvety red roses nestle close to delicate pink blossoms, symbolizing love and grace. The rich foliage seamlessly interweaves with the blooms, enhancing the arrangement’s volume and depth. Whether you’re hosting a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, this floral arrangement promises to be the showstopper, adding a touch of luxury without breaking the bank. Experience premium floral artistry with KM Part Rentals & Decor and elevate your event’s aura. Secure your order now or get in touch for custom-designed arrangements that resonate with your vision.


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